Andre’s success inside the ring helped open the door to Hollywood. He made his acting debut in 1975 as “Big Foot” in a special two part episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. Andre went on to perform in other television shows including Zorro, The Greatest American Hero, and The Fall Guy. Andre made another two part episode for the show B.J. and the Bear, entitled “Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers.” He also had parts in movies such as Conan the Destroyer, Micki and Maude, and Trading Mom. His favorite role, and the one for which he is best remembered, was the lovable giant “Fezzik” in Rob Reiner’s classic, The Princess Bride.

The Six Million Dollar Man

B.J. and the Bear

The Greatest American Hero

Conan The Destroyer

Micki & Maude

I Like To Hurt People

The Princess Bride

Trading Mom